About Jen

It was not only through my own struggle of living God’s purpose for my life, encountering daily obstacles and challenges while staying true to my Christian beliefs and my desire to have a Kingdom impact, I was also watching other women struggling with life’s issues when they were outside of the church walls that led me to create Faith Coaching. I have over 25 years of experience coaching, encouraging and guiding women. I have a Bachelor of Divinity degree, specific certifications and training in biblical coaching for life and business, youth ministry and prayer ministry and I am an ordained minister. I have answered God’s call on my heart for sharing His word with the world through the creation of EverydayGODLiving (“EGL”). EGL is a Christian lifestyle brand where through coaching, radio, online programs and clothing, the team and I share what it is like to live with God every day at the center of your life. We call it, living your faith in action! Please visit the Home page or the Shop Coaching page to learn about our faith coaching groups.

What People Say

You are such an amazing person. For you understand without judgement what these journeys are all about. That in itself sets you apart from others. Thank you for being you.


Jen acts and chooses God’s will on a daily basis in her thoughts, words and actions and readily shares this with others.


I met Jen at a difficult time in my life. Not only did she want to see my success, she was instrumental in making sure I accomplished my goals.


Coaching…Helping with a person’s present to guide her into a more desirable future.

Finding Joy in Suffering
When your friend is your enemy.
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